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Numbers and Operations



C1―Mobilize ideas, concepts and structures related to the construction of the meaning of numbers and their representations.

D1.1―Join the collections count objects to the numerical representation of their respective quantities.

D1.2―Join the number of names to their respective symbolic representation.

D1.3―Compare or order quantity by counting to identify numerical equality or inequality.

D1.4―Compare and order natural numbers.

C2―Solve problems by adding or subtracting.

D2.1―Solve problems that require actions to gather, sort, add and remove quantities.

D2.2―Solve problems that require actions to compare and supplement amounts.

C3―Solve problems through the application of the ideas that prepare for multiplication and division.

D3.1―Solve problems involving the ideas of multiplication.

D3.2―Solve problems involving the ideas of division.