Learning resources


Introduction to the course and the flipped learning activities

Flipping the classroom: simply speaking

・ Creating the discussion group and adding members.

・ Introducing the discussion policies.

・ Description of the benefits for participating in the activities.

Introduction to electronic health records (EHRs)

What is electronic medical record (EMR)?

・ The instructor initiated the discussion by posting a link to a simple YouTube video that introduces the concept of Electronic Medical Records in a simple and interesting way.

・ The instructor then asked a number of questions to encourage students to watch and listen to the introductory video. Students can answer the questions at any time.

Differences between EMR and EHR

Summary of differences between EMR and EHR

・ The instructor initiated the flipped learning activity by posting the following question. “Are EMR and EHR the same? Why?”

・ Students were encouraged to give personal answers based on their understanding of the differences between the two terms.

・ The teacher posted a link to a short video that summarizes the differences between EMR and EHR in a simple and interesting way.

Standards and features of EHR

HITECH act: electronic health records and meaningful use

・ Students engaged in a discussion on why do we need to follow standards in our daily life.

・ The instructor then gave some examples of standards and asked students to list their benefits.

・ Finally, students watched a video posted by the instructor about one of the main standards that was established to support meaningful use of health information technology.

Self-assessment tools

Quizlet website and mobile app

・ The instructor showed students how they can search and find relevant online quizzes and study tools that allow them to self-assess their understanding of different topics.

Privacy and security issues

Case studies and real life examples involving security and privacy issues related to the implementation and adoption of EHRs.

・ The teacher initiated the discussion by sharing with the students some real world stories and case studies describing some security and privacy problems that arise as a result of using EHRs.

・ The instructor then encouraged students to come up with portals and services implemented by government agencies to provide eservices for the consumer.

・ Students then were asked to comment on these portals and services in terms of potential privacy and security issues.

Potential development in the future of EHR

Personal EHR

・ Students watched a video about an initiative by the Australian government to implement a personal eHealth record system.

・ Finally, the teacher concluded the session by encouraging students to come up with features that they think are the most important to be implemented in the national personal eHealth system.