・ Conducting study plans with students’ valid participation.

・ Students’ participation in research center meetings in the role of counselor.

・ Creating electronic groups in college for counseling with research sector.

・ Invitation to Students’ visit from research projects.

・ Considering research activities in students’ tasks.

・ Conducting the policy of de-concentration in higher education to assign more authorities to students.

・ Encourage students to communicate with research institutions.

・ Holding common meetings in the café of research activities in national and regional level.

・ Benefit from skilled experts in research institutions for teaching a part of university lessons.

・ Using facilities and convenience for students’ participation in research activities.

・ Considering students’ cooperation in research as an important indicator in selecting top students.

・ Benefit from research service of university through drawing up contract with environmental institution.

・ Creating financial and moral motivations for students’ participation in conducting research activities.

・ Training students to conduct research activities.

・ Providing regulation to improve students’ academic knowledge like professors.