Murphey, 2005

No of groups: 2, the study was conducted on rats

Control group: ketogenic diet was given to control group of rats which contained a high portion of fats

Another group: the other group of rats was given balanced food

Ketogenic diet decreases animal activity similarly these also cause attention deficit disorder in children

This study was conducted on rats to know about the effect of the ketogenic diet on rats

Kennedy, 2007

Number of groups: 2, this study was conducted on rats

Control group: high fats containing food was given

Another group: a balanced diet was given

Ketogenic diet decreases the weight of mice and it also reduced obesity

This study was conducted on rats to know about the effect of the ketogenic diet on the weight of rats

Duplisea, 2017

Number of groups: 2,

Separate groups of Young and old rats, food was given for 4 weeks

The effect of the ketogenic diet was observed on young and old rats

There was observed a marked decrease in the weight of young rats and ketones levels were increased in young rats. While in old rats only weight loss was observed while they were resistant to other changes in body

This study was conducted on young and old rats and effect of fame type of food was observed on both types of groups

Kennedy, 2007

Different groups of mice were made

The effect of high fats containing the ketogenic diet was compared with rodent ketogenic diet

There was a marked increase in the weight of mice who were feeding rodent ketogenic diet while a marked decrease in the mice occurred who were feeding on high fats containing ketogenic diet

This study was conducted on the same types of mice but different food groups were made in this study

Mitch, 1984

Number of patients: 24

The patients were classified based on their health conditions; the effect of Keto supplements was observed in the renal functions impaired patients

10 patients had marked decrease in the creatinine level, in 7 patients, creatinine level was maintained below 8 mg per decilitre

This study was conducted on the patients whose renal functions were impaired and effect of keto supplements were observed on the health conditions of these patients

Cliff, 2018

This study was conducted on 28 healthy adults

The comparison was made based on their body conditions such as blood glucose, mood disturbance

It caused an increase in the beta-hydroxybutyrate, but the effect of MCT was unclear on mood.

This study was conducted to determine the effect of medium-chain triglycerides which are ketones in nature on nutritional ketosis of body

Volek, 2015

There were no groups were made as it was review based so previous studies were studied again and their results were compared

The availability of carbohydrates is reduced in the body is reduced during exercise or sports-related physical activity so lipid-containing food can also be used as an alternate of carbohydrates

If the food is given containing to ketone body and beta-hydroxybutyrate then it increases the mental and physical and mental performance of humans and the use of fats containing food also increases the physical activity of athletes

The persons were shifted to fats containing food who were athletes or who were doing sports-related physical activity