Before using the Pamica

After using the Pamica

Time of duration using the Pamica


Shulan Lin



Carcinoma of salivary gland, recurrence after surgery twice. Multiple organ metastasis. The doctor thought she only had 2 months lifetime in May 2016.

Lie in bed, anorexia, nausea, emesis, eat a meal a day, spirits drooping, need to actively support treatment with blood and protein. Even to be terminally ill.

Since October 2016. eat 3 meals a day, put on weight, good mental state, lifetime has prolong 7 months so far (July 2016-February 2017) than doctor’s prediction. No side effect (i.m) excepting local pain in injected part, this good state has kept to present.

From June to present (February 2017).

Beginning i.m from middle third of June. After 1 month changed to nasal spray 2 - 4 mg/ every two days.

Shufen Gao



Laryngocarcinoma, had surgery in 2014 and relapsed in the beginning 2016.

Breath with difficulty, easy to suppress wake, can only tolerate, the physical difference.

2 mg/every two days for half of month and than the symptoms relieved, may go to market, appetite increased, difficult breathing relieved, can has a good sleeping and feel better obviously. No side effect (i.m) excepting local pain in injection site

From April 2016 to present

(February 2017).

Wenxiao Bai



Esophaguus cancer was fond in prison and came back his village in countryside in June, 2016. Did not receive any treatment.

Tired, sweating, low appetide, only could eat one egg. Breathe with difficulty, general malaise.

After took the drug half of month, appetite notably increased, could eat 7 - 8 eggs once and drink wine, put on weight, felt better obviously, No side effect no pain in local (i.m).

From August 2016 to present

(February 2017).

Yanmin Zheng



Liver cancer, the liver was resected one third, cholecystectomy, need to take anodyne

Physical difference, Tired, low appetite, hepatalgia symptoms.

Since taking the drug, fatigue symptom has been in remission, physical strength improved, appetite increased, pain remitted, patient can get up to take anodyne by self.

From September 2016 to present

(February 2017).

Changli Qi



Lung cancer was diagnosed in 2016. Untreated, only take anti inflammatory and painkiller drugs.

Bed-ridden, physical difference, walk need used stick, the body weight only was 25 kg. Breath with difficulty, hydrothorax about 250 g everyday

Since taking the drug fatigue symptom is in remission, physical strength enhancement, walk without aid, appetite increased, hydrothorax has not decreased.

From August to October, 2016

Guoting Zhao



Coloretal cancer was made the definite diagnosis in June, 2016. And got up treatment as economic hardship

Bowel movement more than 10 times a day and with pus blood, need to take anodyne

Pus blood disappeared, cancer pain remitted, pain in site injection at beginning,

From November 2016 to present

(February 2017)