Air drilling system

Supply highly compressed air to the drilling string to push the cuttings to the surface. It comprises primary compressors and the secondary compressors.

Hoisting system

Consists of the draw works and other pulley devices used to lift and lower the drilling string into and out of the well.



Powers all the systems in the rig, excluding the air drilling system. It provides power in AC and DC. The system has for main generators and an auxiliary generator.

Well control system

This included the secondary well control systems that help to contain the well during incidences like kicks. It includes the Blow out preventer, the Koomey unit, and control boxes.

Well monitoring system

This includes the instrumentation equipment used in monitoring the progress of drilling. It indicates the drilled depth, rate of penetration, weight of the drill string, weight on bit, circulation among others.

Mechanical handling system

This is the auxiliary equipment that assists while drilling. It includes shovels, forklifts, power tongs, and manual tongs among others.

Circulating system

Employed to pump drilling fluid into the wellbore for purposes of cooling the drill bit, carrying the cuttings, stabilizing the well among others.

Top Drive system

A dynamic rotating system that rotates the drilling system while moving up and down.

Rotary table

A static rotating system that rotates the drilling string while in a stationary position.