Impact path

The main relationship structure

Relationship structure intention

Typical statement description

Organizational commitment mediation path

Altruistic Love → Emotional Commitment → Peripheral Performance

Through respecting and concerning for others, employees and organizations have established a strong emotional connection, showing a high degree of dedication and interpersonal promotion.

The company is a big family. Leaders often teach us to care for each other. If there is a need for a colleague, even if it is not the scope of duties, everyone will do their best to help.(E6)

Belief → Emotional Commitment → Task Performance

Through the encouragement to employees, their confidence in achieving the goals is enhanced. At the same time, employees have emotional dependence on the organization and are willing to actively complete the work within their responsibilities.

The leaders of the company trust us very much. Now our feelings to the company are getting deeper. I will work hard and live up to the confidence of the leaders. (E1)

Spirit and Vision → Continue Commitment → Task Performance

Let employees know the company’s goals, use the economic outlook to motivate employees to stay, and actively complete their work

The company not only solved the problems of disabled employees, but also solved social problems. It is worth my efforts. (E3)

Brief → Continue Commitment → Task Performance

By shaping the employees’ beliefs in the realization of the organization’s goals, employees can be confident that they will have greater economic returns and actively complete their work.

The development of the company will surely get better and better. It’s very hard for me to leave such a good platform, so I must work hard. (E5)