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Organizational commitments


Treat colleagues sincerely

E4-47. In the process of communication, we can all open up our hearts and exchange ideas.

E2-32. When encountering some problems, colleagues, customers, and volunteers try their best to help answer them. If they cannot answer, they will also give their own suggestions.

I become more important

E6-45. The whole family came around me and suddenly rotated one life completely 360 degrees; E1-59. In the past, people with disabilities depended on others. Now they can bring many help to others. N-2. The staff of the disabled friend Abdul Heemann told reporters with excitement: “I can print, write pictures, and make banners. I can use the six machines in the printing shop.


Find a sense of accomplishment at work

E5-41. I have become a workable person from a socially disadvantaged group. There is a platform for me to display my talent and I’m full of pride. E3-42. In the past, my parents were still worried about me. Now I have wife, children, and my own house, car and business; E5-39. After work, I feel more confident. I really enjoy this kind of life.

Disabled employees feel a sense of equal

E1-32. In the Canyou company, because we are all disabled people, it is fair to each other from our heart; E6-48. If I work in a purely commercial company, even if the salary is high, others will treat me as a disabled person.

Give full attention to advantages and minimize defects

M1-92. In the era of computers, handicapped friends have been made up for and covered all their disabilities; E2-17. There is no discrimination in this platform. All of us can use it to shield our physical inconvenience and let us become a capitalized person through here. E1-53 This kind of work method that requires almost zero office space and physical fitness seems to be tailored to me.