Core category

Initial code example

Instrumental support

Provides device support

M3-56. The company’s lower limb disabled people are all equipped with wheelchairs; E2-49. If you want to go to a foreign country or travel, the company will prepare the car in advance; the car is an outsourced service; E4-27. Staff quarters just below the office.

Training for employees

E3-20. From the moment you come in, you will be assigned a master to see what you are good at; M3-74. Organize training for disabled employees and open business courses such as website design production, film and television production, and print advertisement design

Accessible work environment

M2-10. The surrounding area is a kind of accessible dormitory, and everyone lives very well; E5-17. The company’s accessible office environment allows me to concentrate on my work; E4-39. Accessibility services are designed in every place, very simple, but also very practical

Emotional support

Retirement system

M2-15. We also have staffs from Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Hunan University. There are several of them whose muscles stunted, they can’t do their work. After they can’t do it, our company raises him; M1-29. As long as this person said that he could not do it, he did not need medical examination and assessment, we will immediately let him enter the retirement system.

Friendly atmosphere

M2-64. In the company, we do not call Zheng Weining as chairman. We all call him brother. Like a loved one, and call me Yongge. N-6. There are no clear rules and regulations for disabled friends, and there are only ten Family training. All are grateful, sincere, humble, introspective, etc. M2-37. Whenever their own apricot trees are brought to fruition, they are packed in bed sheets; and whenever the cold weather arrives, the cruel friends don’t forget to send a cart of coal to the aunt’s family.

Understanding disabled employees

M2-4. The path of each handicapped friend is the same as Liu Yong. They are first mocked and satirized by others, and then realize their value through an opportunity and a point of their own.. M1-53. The biggest dream for disabled people is to support themselves. The most unpleasant thing is to become a burden for the family’s life and live without dignity.

Care from the heart of disabled employees

E2-16. The employees’ death, illness, marriage and family are basically big concerns for Zheng; M1-24. This expenditure compared with the family identity of all employees is insignificant; M2-37. He took out his house as a “company”, a living room office, a bedroom for everyone to live in. In addition to his salary, he also shouldered the cost of living for everyone.