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Organizational commitments

Continuing commitment

High salary

M3-26. The salary of the architect is the same as the general manager’s. It is very high; M2-91. The wages are not lower than other companies’, and we are also wrapped around. This is good.

Hard to find new ones if lose job

E4-8. If a sound person fails, changing a jobs, he can come back again. If a disabled one falls down, he will only be able to return to the original meaningless life; E5-3. After meeting with Zheng weining, I worked hard to grasp this rare job opportunity.

Emotional commitment

Income can subsidize home

E2-40. Most of us were originally a burden to our family. Now we can support our younger brother to go to college and send money back to buy a house; E3-51. Now I bought a house in Shenzhen. My parents live with me.

Workingin Canyou Can Support oneself

E5-9. After my marriage, I have spent more than I used to . It is imperative to support myself; N-6. After realizing long-distance employment, they have stable income every month, and can support themselves

Have feelings to the company

M3-61. As long as the company needs them, such as bidding and technical work, we can call them at any time and they can come back at any time; N-8Ayinur, a Uighur girl who was diagnosed with cancer, said that she wanted to move to Canyou for the last one month; E5-59. We live a very full life every day working, studying, and making friends here. It’s just like home.