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Work performance

Task performance

Complete work tasks ahead of schedule

M2-70. Others arranged a one-year study, and we finished our studies in six months; E4-4. Asking me to complete the work in three days, I will definitely complete it in advance, sometimes even two days

work hard

E2-6. We all regard the company as our own home, so we work very hard; E6-15. I worked hard and received unanimous approval of all the company’s employees. The shy little girl had become an outstanding employee; M2-75. The five employ of Canyou took the electric fan and placed it on the table. Although the clothes were all wet, they were still practicing.

Peripheral performance

High organization output

M3-9. Our software is Carnegie Level 5 certification, Huawei is only four, CITIC Communications is three, we are five; M2-64. We have a company that specializes in film and television effects. It was founded last year and has already done more than 12 million businesses; N-1. In the group’s small office, there are various trophies, medals, and pennants

Collaborate with each other

E2-42. Saying that I can’t do it, what to do, someone will teach you quickly, or just sitting on a stool and watching how others do it; M2-19. We have done very well in the management of knowledge, and the inheritance of the apprenticeship system.

Willing to do work that is not scheduled for myself

E3-30. Seeing where the lights are on, they will hurry up and shut off, as in their own home; E5-24. I am happy to help and guide other colleagues. They are unhappy and willing to take the initiative to speak with me.