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Altruistic love

Put himself in employees’ place

M2-73. It does not mean that you are disabled and take care of you. In this case, you will have more dignity when you get your position, and you will not feel taken care of and be discriminated against; N-3. In general, there will be a mildly disabled person at the upper level to facilitate the care of severely disabled patients.

Consider the overall situation of the company

M1-102. I did not pass it to someone behind me, but to the system of an internal cycle of the Trinity; N-2. He donated more than 90% of the assets of his group of disabled friends to the Wing You Charitable Foundation, which is used to develop the employment of persons with disabilities in high-tech fields.

Respect the families of employees

M2-62. All the parents of our employees come to our company, or come to the company to see them. The top leader of the company must accompany his parents to eat. The Supreme Leader is not the second to accompany them to eat, it must be the highest; M1-49. Set a home visit day every week, the door must bring a bag of noodles, a barrel of oil

Teach employees to care for others

M1-70. Customers, volunteers, and friends come to the door when they are convenient. When they leave, they can send one and send them. No need to say anything, just a heart; M3-54. When you encounter a colleague asking you some questions, try to help answer them. If you can’t answer them, try to give your own advice