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Inner belief

M2-47. disabled people do not have a way out. As long as there is a chance, they must not give up. They must do their best to do things; M3-11. The “loneliness” of disabilities has prompted them to have a more active brain, a tougher personality, more diligent quality, and more creative ideas; M1-30 I believe that the Internet is opening up a new employment space for handicapped people.

Inspire employees with disabilities

M2-35. The more disabled I am, the more beautiful I need to be. I often use Zhang Haidi’s phrase to encourage myself and his colleagues. M1-55. When you want to succeed, the world will make way for you. “This is what I often say to the disabled.

N-5. He kept repeating the sentence to the cruel friends around him: He thought that he was not good enough. He was the biggest lie; he believed that he had no value and was the biggest deception.

Great confidence in employees

M1-34. With the exception of the body, they have nothing special, and people with disabilities are no worse than healthy people; M1-59. As long as there is a suitable platform, they can also exert their creativity and talents. M3-42. The door closed by Heaven will surely open another door for disabled people.