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Spirit and Vision

The spirit of the leader

M2-23. People are not easy to die, and death is not easy, but between the two points, we must do something, and this process is the realization of the value of life; M1-104. My daughter has graduated from college work, she cannot rely on me to live, but these properties can make many disabled people live happy and dignified;

M3-18. Death has been my driving force and I urge myself to work harder for a limited time.

Vision that is relevant to employees

M2-20. Through wisdom training, ability enhancement, confirmation and success in the shortcomings, and strive to be respected, we are aimed to build a platform for serving people with high service value; M1-5. To “change another way of life” in my rest of life and those people with disabilities who live without self-esteem like me, I am determined to create such a platform by making

Pay attention to employees’ spiritual life

M2-4. There are some handicapped employees who are still not married, or are psychologically uncomfortable. We will have psychological counseling; M1-10. We are not saying that we are all disabilities, so we use the culture of the handicapped, I think everyone, regardless a disabled person or a healthy person, your first criterion for living is a citizen’s standard, a standard for social citizenship; N-3.There is a long list of family members hangs on the walls: be grateful, treat each other with respect, respect others, be humble, harmonious, generous, caring for his comrades, brave to take responsibility, cherishing possession, a province a day, and so on.

Communication of corporate vision

M1-13. I often say to employees that why we do for this is actually very simple. It is to create a platform that allows people with disabilities like us to have the opportunity to come out through this platform; M1-24.Through the Canyou, we can achieve: employment, happiness, and stability.