Impact path

The main relationship structure

Relationship structure intention

Typical statement description



mediation path

Faith → Organizational Self-esteem → Task Performance

By stimulating employees’ confidence in the organization and allowing employees to see their value in the organization, they are willing to work hard.

Being able to contribute my strength to the future development of the company I feel very fulfilled and I feel very motivated to work. (E5)

Spirit and Vision → Organizational Self-esteem → Task Performance

By delineating the prospects of the organization, employees believe that their abilities can be used to perform their tasks more actively.

The company’s goal is to solve the work problems of people with disabilities like me. It’s very meaningful for me to give a handful of help to people with disabilities. (E1)

Altruistic love → organizational self-esteem → peripheral performance

By creating an equal and harmonious organizational atmosphere, employees can feel their status in the organization and are willing to contribute to the organization.

The atmosphere of the organization is very good. Everyone is treated equally. I don’t feel a sense of downfall in my heart, and I’m willing to help my colleagues do something they can. (E4)