Active labour policies


Public employment services

Investments in the establishment and upgrading of the employment centre system

Orientation and individualized job search assistance

Training programs and assistance in the search for a first job or a new job

Professional training

Training programs to provide the professional skills required by the labour market

Incentives for hiring

Incentives for hiring in the form of social security, tax and salary-related relief

Incentives to making job

positions permanent

Transformation of fixed-term contracts into indefinite-term contracts in the private sector―Transforming short-term contracts into long-term contracts in local public agencies, in public education, hiring social utility workers (LSU) and public utility workers (LPU) with long-term contracts

Incentives to maintain

employment levels

Incentives for hiring people receiving income supplements or unemployment benefits

Benefits at the local level or regarding specific professional categories

Incentives for hiring women and persons over 50 living in disadvantaged areas or employed in a profession or in an economic sector characterized by marked gender disparities-Incentives for employment in Southern Italy

Inclusion of disabled people and other disadvantaged categories

Social security and salary-related benefits or relief for hiring people with disabilities or in execution of a court sentence or in prison

Direct job creation

Social utility workers (LSU) and public utility workers (LPU) or mobility from the private sector to the public sector

Incentives for self-employment

Incentives for starting a business based on the various types of target categories (young people, women, persons over 50, disadvantaged categories)

Incentives for small businesses aimed at increasing employment

Incentives for hiring and/or starting a business envisaged by national and regional legislation

Equal opportunities

Positive actions to promote the participation of weaker segments of society in the labour market (training, access to employment, careers, inclusion in certain work sectors)

Continuous training

Financing business, sectoral and individual training plans and “vouchers” provided by the Regions pursuant to Art. 9 of Law no. 236/93 and Art. 6 of Law no. 53/00

Implementation of educational and professional training obligations

Funding programs for compulsory education through the school system, vocational training and apprenticeship (Article 68, Law no. 144/99)

European Social Fund (ESF)

Systematic actions in the field of training and education Actions in the field of education co-funded by the ESF