Research Dimension Variable


Operations management: modes of use and maintenance

Plans for supplementary education studies and service models for course content transmission

Operations management: technology investment

Total cost of investment in technological equipment

Operations management: market competition

Mechanisms in response to industrial development related to study

Operations management: classroom operation

Ability to effectively control classroom management

Flipped education: education trends

Mobile education behavior in response to transformation of mainstream education

Flipped education: education innovation

Innovation and breakthroughs compared to traditional education

Flipped education-self study

Individual learning content and individualized curriculum

Flipped education: functional improvements

Effective use of instruction and positive learning outcomes

Reception modes: learning environment

Acceptance of technological learning environments

Reception modes: learning motivations

Self-motivation and interactivity related to the use of technologically enabled learning methods

Reception modes: willingness to use

Willingness to use new modes of learning

Reception modes: learning outcomes

Learning outcomes as a result of the use of future classrooms