Hospital training completed during the externship

Content and quality of teaching of lectures

Attended workshops, round tables and conferences

Training during the intership

Duration of the residency training

Prestige and status of the specialty

Intellectual challenge

Desire practice in academic setting

Enjoy tending to patients’ social and psychological needs

Interest in procedures and surgical techniques

Occupational risks (radiation, infectious diseases

Medico-legal risks

The pedagogical approach of the teachers of the department

Ward atmosphere

(organization, medical and paramedical staff, etc.)

Shift pace and workload

Flexible working hours

Availability of employment in the liberal sector

Assignment at the end of the specialty training

Financial aspects

Your spouse’s career and location

Personal profile (stress, etc.)

Socio-economic level (requirement of significant investment)

Influence of someone (parents, relatives, friends)

Life experience/Emotional shock

Health reason