Downey, L., Diehr, P., Standish, L., Patrick, D., Kozak, L., Fisher, D., et al.


Evaluate the effect of massage therapy on quality of life and pain


MSAS (Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale)

167 patients

-Reduction of pain, however, was not statistically significant

Jane, S. W., Wilkie, D. J., Gallucci, B. B., Beaton, R. D., & Huang, H. Y.


Evaluate the effectiveness of massage in reducing the levels of pain

Quasi- experimental

VAS (anxiety)

MSF_MPQ (Short-Form Mc-Grill Pain Questionnaire):

BPI (Brief Pain Inventory)

Patients with metastases bone

Immediate effect p = 0.001

Medium effect p < 0.000

Long effect p = 0.04

Adams, R., White, B., & Beckett, C.


Evaluate the effect of massage therapy in the levels of pain

Qualitative and quantitative



53 cancer patients

-The pain level decreases from 5.18 to 2.33 after the intervention of the massage.

-Through the qualitative data describe these illustrate relevant improvements in terms of total pain, emotional well-being, relaxation and sleep patterns.

Sui-Whi, J., Wilkie, D., Gallucci, B., Beaton, R., & Huang, H.-Y.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the massage of pain, anxiety and vital signs


(BPI-VAS) pain, anxiety, sleep, relaxation and distress used VAS

36 patients with metastases bone

Effective in the short and in the long term with regard to pain and anxiety,

There were no significant effects that could corroborate the changes in heart rate and mean arterial pressure.