Type of study


Maniwa Y, et al. 1998 [47]

Clinical & Experimental

Disruption of angiogenesis suppression, induction of growth

of dormant micro-metastasis due to post-op increase in VEGF

Ikeda M, et al. 2002 [48]


Peri-gastrectomy serum concentration of VEGF, sP-selectin, v WF, involved in angiogenesis, tumor-platelet adhesion,

tumor-endothelial cell adhesion factors; surgical intervention enhanced tumor growth and metastasis

Tagliabue E, et al. 2003 [49]

Clinical-operative specimen

HER2 over-expression by breast ca cells plays in post-surgery stimulation of growth of breast cancer cells

Wu FP, et al. 2003 [50]

Prospective Patho-physio, Cancer v normal tissue, 16 specimens

Local VEGF increase & endostatin decrease; physiological

response to surgery, with or without cancer

Mitsudomi T, et al. 1996 [44]

Retrospective Clinical (197 cases)

Concluded residual tumor cells had accelerated growth after surgery

Maffani MV, et al. 2004 [51]


Important role of tumor stroma indicated; further extensive study recommended

Maffani MV, et al. 2005 [52]


Rat mammary gland tumor stroma prevents neoplastic

development and encourage normal ductal growth from grafted epithelial cancer cells