Type of study


Demicheli R, et al. 1997 [37]


Mathematical Model

Two peaks after resection. Surgical trauma, essential to manifest the

peaks of recurrences

Peters CFJM, et al. 2006 [38]

Experimental &


After partial liver resection, residual tumor shows aggressive and

faster recurrence

Schatten WE, 1958 [39]


Rapid growth of large number of latent pulmonary metastasis after

removal of primary in leg

Lange PH, et al. 1980 [40]


Pathological & Serological

Tumor progressed after cytoreductive surgery: clinical trial urged.

Post resection recurrence of testicular tumors

Demicheli R, et al. 2008 [41]

Review & Critical Appraisal

From tumor dormancy to surgery driven enhancement of growth and

metastasis likely

Baum M, et al. 2005 [42]

Review & Critical Appraisal

Surgery induced angiogenesis and proliferation of distant dormant


Lacy AM, et al. 2002 [43]

Randomized Prospective

Laparoscopy assisted colectomy is superior than open colectomy;

Morbidity, hospital stay, recurrence and Ca-related death, less: due

to less surgical tissue damage

Mitsudomi T, et al. 1996 [44]


Post-surgical accelerated growth of undetectable residual cancer and

dormant cancer cells

Gunduz N, et al. 1979 [45]


Post-surgical increase in residual tumor size; conversion of G0 to

proliferative phase; synchronization of sensitive phases

Fisher B, et al. 1983 [46]


Labelling Index (LI) peaks 3 days after tumor excision; Perioperative

chemotherapy recommended