Mammals reported in eastern Marajó Island

Folk information on mammal occurrence in Jaranduba, Dunas and Ribanceira Farms, eastern Marajó Island

Dasypus septemcinctus

Smaller than the other, walk along the night

Dasypus kappleri

Possibly known as “tatu-bola”. Larger than the other

Myrmecophaga tridactyla

I saw one passing by my house (Retiro São Geraldo, Ribanceira)

Tamandua tetradactyla

They can be found in the “tesos”

Alouatta belzebul

They are very noisy

Aotus infulatus

Certain time I shot one thinking it was something else

Sapajus apella

It is rare here (Retiro São Geraldo, Ribanceira)

Saimiri collinsi

They are very common

Cerdocyon thous

It is like a fox, very smart, nocturnal

Nasua nasua

Like to live in the “teso”. Quati-mundé is the old male, solitary

Procyon cancrivorus

Live usually close to the water

Lontra longicaudis

Occurs in the igarapé do Siriri, Jaranduba Farm

Pteronura brasiliensis

I have seen one far away, on the way to Dunas Farm (Jaranduba)

Leopardus pardalis

It attacks and kills the chickens

Panthera onca

It is rare around here

Mazama americana

Once they were very abundant

Ozotoceros bezoarticus

Occurs in the fields during high waters, has a white tail

Proechimys sp.

Lives in trees: “dá trepado”. Fur is very red: “pelagem bem vermelha”

Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Lives only in the fields (Retiro Caju, Jaranduba). I take care of one newborn that was abandoned by its mother (Retiro São Geraldo, Ribanceira)

Dasyprocta leporina

It is very yellowish in color