Before retirement

During retirement

Preparing for old age

Not retire if I have problems (depression, burnout syndrome or debts) because I wouldn’t be happy that way.

Take care of my health and money to have wellbeing and enjoy more. Arrive at old age in one piece, self-sufficient and independent, able to cover my needs without depending on others until the end of my life. You need discipline. I must do it because I have very expensive chronic diseases, if what I want is to spend more time with my family.

I must learn to live alone to get to know myself, find the meaning of my life, be coherent and achieve happiness.

I should retire voluntarily at the proper time; it should be my decision; I won’t let them make me retire. Think it through and define it well, calmly, to not feel guilty. Be sure it will bring me better quality of life and peace of mind.

Build a positive attitude to not have any problems. Try to be happy and enjoy retirement 100%, because if I’m happy, those around me will also be happy.

I will live my old age as a bachelor because there will actually be no one to help me with anything. It will be expensive and I won’t be able to afford it.

Pre-retirement is the foundation for better quality of life: have an awareness of retirement, that it is life-changing, but to take it positively and follow each of the tips.

Have peace of mind when making important decisions because decisions made during depression will lead you astray to an uncertain future. You have to be certain about what you can count on, and have clear goals. A healthy retirement requires you to be sound of mind.

Most important is to plan my retirement. It will help me do what I like, to live peacefully, to enjoy more, to be happy, to have good health, good financial and emotional stability, to keep active, to have a prosperous future, an incentive to continue living and studying and to strengthen my life. Have short, medium and long-term plans, to include my spouse because I need his/her support.

Keep active and be an altruist. Look for a pleasant activity that you like and do it to the fullest extent, to pay back to society some of what it has given me. Participate in activities outside home and take trips. Take advantage of leisure time because you will have time to spare. Don’t stop having activities so as to avoid depression. Physical activity will help you be self-sufficient. I can exercise, do yoga, swim and get together with my children and siblings which I don’t do very often.

Prepare for our retirement: to be physically, emotionally and spiritually well, to enjoy our time and keep active.

Social relationships help me have social wellbeing and enjoy the free time that I couldn’t when I worked. Be with and have fun with my wife because thanks to her I will get to the finish line and retire. Retirement is good for both of us.

Spend more time with my family to establish the communication that we hadn’t had for so many years due to paying more attention to my job. Work takes up 100% of your time. I can strengthen family ties, talk about my old age.

Have an economic plan to be able to travel and go to meetings, take care of my health, have fun and have money for old age. Maybe invest in a business. Treat sicknesses in public institutions to not deplete my savings. Leave everything to my spouse because children can squander their inheritance.