First variables

Secondary variables

Tertiary variables

Initiator of interactions



Ways to initiate and respond

Unified verbal requirements or replies

Call the name or the appellation

Short or perfunctory answers

Simple verbal YES

Simple verbal NO

Teacher’s short instructions or requirements

Brief answers according to the requirements

Teacher’s oral demonstration

Question posing

Directly definitive-answer-oriented questions

Questions for information inquiry, advices or help

Heuristic questioning

Questions oppugning against the expression or performance of the other party

Active learning or individualized expression

Children actively expressing what they are thinking and doing, or the individualized requirements

Children’s complaints

The teacher requires, suggests or gives options in form of consultation

Describing knowledge, truth, ideas, stories and reason

The teacher encourages children to explore further, reattempt, and practice.

Expressing and communicating feelings

Positive, gentle and comforting languages

Bullies, satirization, and blame

Language evaluation

Positive evaluative language

Negative evaluative language

Non-verbal actions

Joint activities of the teacher and children

Listening or watching

With actions to giving instructions or making requests

Following or according to instructions or suggestions to act, simulating actions

The teacher inspires with actions.

The teacher demonstrates, corrects and helps with actions.

Positive, gentle and comforting expression and actions.

Children’s negative emotional expression of

Expressions and actions of positive evaluation

Expressions and actions of negative evaluation or determent

Interactive contents

Disciplinary rules

Meeting life needs and tidying up

Games and teaching activities

Games and seeking help for learning difficulties

Presentation of games and learning methods, process and results


Expressing and communicating feelings

Children’s mood during the interaction

Happy (3 marks)

Unable to tell (2 marks)

Unhappy (1 marks)

Response Times