Use Case

Cultural aspect/





Cultural variable

HCI dimension

Cultural interaction indicator



Word processing/ Filling in a form


Communication network density

Presentation, interaction

Direct (word length), layout

Information density, interaction frequency

Average number of chars per word, page

Resizing, calculate size of display according to language

E-learning system/Learning content

Communication speed, power distance, uncertainty avoidance

Presentation, navigation

Visible (character set, buttons)

Information presentation speed

Dialogues per minute, number of breaks in interaction

Adapt speed of guided dialogues (wizards) and button size

Phone/Looking up dialing via name or number

Communication speed, density of the information network

Interaction, mental model

Indirect (online operating manual)

Interaction speed and interaction style

Number of buttons presses per task

Choose appropriate input method editor (IME) and sorting algorithms

Word processor on a mobile phone/Sending a short text message via SMS

Power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance

Presentation: text, character, character set, layout, skin, edit field, send button, receiver list box

Direct, visible, surface (color, skin, language)

Information density, interaction frequency and speed, Information and interaction parallelism, interaction exactness

Number of pieces of information per space, number of SMS per day,

number of saved contacts

Adapt system memory/choose appropriate input method editor (IME) and sorting algorithms/allow customization of the number of entries in lists