HCI Dimension

Ratio of (C):(G)

Cultural interaction indicator (CII)


Cultural dimension

Information frequency


Distance between notes, number of information units per time unit

Number of words, sentences, dialogues, propositions etc.

per minute

Uncertainty avoidance, action chains, network density

Information density


Number of places of interest

Picture-text ratio, distance of information units from each other, number of simultaneously presented information units

Uncertainty avoidance, network density

Information and interaction parallelism


Number of parallel tasks, rejected system messages, time to deactivate the virtual agent (“life-like character”, e.g. “Merlin” in Word)

Sequential or parallel presentation or reception of information units and information arrangement (e.g. layout)

All time-relevant cultural dimensions (such as uncertainty avoidance, action chains or time orientation)

Interaction speed


Mouse motion pauses less than 1 ms

Mouse usage, keyboard entries, length of mouse track per time unit

All time-relevant cultural dimensions

Interaction frequency


Mouse clicks with left mouse button, number of mouse movement events

Total number of mouse clicks/ mouse movements or number of function or help initiatives per session

All time-relevant cultural dimensions