The Nigerian government, international organizations and local NGOs


Ex-combatants and non-combatants

Training centres

157 universities, 22 vocational training centres

Reintegration centres

Home and abroad-other African countries, western countries


Formal and informal education, pilot training, drilling engineering, technicians for petroleum and mining industry, furniture making, welding and fabrication and many more

Abroad Educational centres

Salford University, Bradford University, Coventry University, Portsmouth University, etc. (OSAPND, 2014)

Vocational training centres abroad

Lufthansa Aviation Academy (Germany), CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (United Kingdom), Institute of French Petroleum (France), Schlumberger Technologies (France), Adcorp Technical Training (South Africa), Institute of French Petroleum (France), Furntech Furniture (South Africa), Proclad Group (Dubai), ScuolaEdile Genovese (Italy) and many more