Three Levels



Event Semantics

Figural Entity


Agentive (Agen)

[True]; [False]

Animate (Anim)

[True]; [False]

Ground Entity (GroEnt)

[action] (agent’s action)

Activating Process (ActiPro)


Association Function (AssoFun)


Support Relation (SuppRel)


Syntactic Properties

Syntactic Types of “V + Dào”


Free Complements (FC);

Forward Bound Complements (FBC); Backward Bound Complements (BBC);

Bound Complements (BC)

Syntactic Types of the Following Component “X” (SynType_X)

temporal nouns (TempN); locative nouns (LocaN); patient nouns (PtienN); stimulus nouns (StimuN); degree nouns (DgreN); temporal clauses (TempC); stimulus clauses (StimuC); degree clauses (DgreC); patient clauses (PtienC); temporal adjectives (TempA); degree adjectives (DgreA); stimulus adjectives (StimuA); non-texts (NoT)

Event Integration Patterns

Internal Event Integration (IEI)

“V” (IEI_V)

[Activating Process] + [Support Relation]

“Dào” (IEI_D)

[Activating Process] + [Association Function]

External Event Integration (EEI)

“V + Dào” (EEI_VD)4

action correlating event (ActCorEvt);

The Types of Verb-complement Construction (EEI_Type)

Verb-Directional construction (VDir);

Verb-Resultative construction (VRes);

Verb-Phase construction (VPha)