Class name


Forest cover (FC)

A landscape characterised by high tree density. The forest cover in current study refers to both closed and open forest. The open forest is distinguished from wooded grassland by lack of grasses and proximity of trees.

Wooded grassland (WG)

A landscape with sparsely distributed trees dominated by grasses or thickets of shrubs together with landscape characterised by vegetation growing along the river or valley were treated as one class. Because the images were taken in the dry season there were no clear water bodies, but swampy vegetation such as marshes and other swampy thickets were identified

Settlements/cultivation, grassland and bare ground (BL)

Human settlements, cultivation and bare land were treated as one class due to their similar spectral properties, because of difficulties in distinguishing them. Grassland in this category includes cropped, cleared or harvested land and cannot always be distinguished from bare land.