No. & characteristics

of Participants

Aim/Outcome measures



Quasi-experimental design

30 participants post knee and hip orthopedic surgery.

To compare the effectiveness of pressure-relieving suspension bag with intravenous bag for heel pressure relief.

The pressure-relieving suspension

boot (Heelift; DM Systems Inc, Evanston, Illinois) was better to prevent PUs at high risk patients.


Prospective, non-randomized, quasi-experimental observational study

243 patients in three units, admitted for surgery

To assess the effectiveness of applying the Allevyn Gentle Border Sacrum Dressing to prevent PUs incidence

The intervention reduce the PUs incidence in the three units per 1000 patients days:

First unit: 13 - 5.38

Second unit: 7.4 - 3.96

Third unit: 6.98 - 3.4


Exploratory, descriptive, cross-sectional.

160 participants

To compare the performance and effectiveness of a hydrocolloid dressing (HD) and a transparent polyurethane film (PF) in preventing pressure ulcer (PU) development.

The incidence of pressure ulcer in Polyurethane group (8.7%).

Polyurethane dressing: First dressing changed after 5 days for 23 (28.7%) patients, and after 10 and 12 days for 34 (42.5%) and 11 (13.8%) patients respectively.

Hydrocolloid dressing: First dressing changed after 2 days for 13 (16.3%) patients, and after 7 days for 21 (26.3%) patients. significantly lower than Hydrocolloid dressing group (15%).