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This activity broadened my exposure on the interprofessional relationships and enhanced my self-confidence and motivation to learn.


Before attending the activity, my impression towards doctors is arrogant and they do not value teamwork. Contrarily, the MBBS students were willing to listen to us and respect our view during the discussion. They even encouraged us to express our opinions to address the questions regarding the management of the cancer patient in the scenario. I realised that different professions may have different strengths and limitations. No single profession can be completely dominant, and each professional’s contributions are equally valued and complementary to one another.


In the past, when things are far beyond my scope of knowledge, I may consider myself as insignificant, if not worthless. Now, I would now consider this as an opportunity for learning. After all, nurses require life-long learning.


I have learnt to express their views and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to explore alternatives that benefit the patient most.


After this activity, I have explored and understood the nurses’ role in the interdisciplinary team and communication. The interdisciplinary team-based learning helps to increase my confidence in the inter-professional collaboration in the future.


Competence and Confidence are included in the six Cs of caring in nursing. While confidence is one of the vital attribute in nursing, many nursing students indicated that lack of confidence is their major weakness.


The common goal of multi-disciplinary collaboration is to improve the health of patients, irrespective of their professional status. After the IPTBL activity, I realized that different healthcare providers have their specific roles in managing the patients’ health. In future, I should not hesitate to point out the problems identified in the patient’s situations to the health care team.


My view on nurse-physician collaboration has changed after this activity. In the past, I think physicians are dominant while nurses are under their supervision. In this activity, our opinions were accepted by other disciplines, including students from MBBS. Nurses and physicians can collaborate as equal team members. In fact, nurses have a unique scope of practice, a unique body of knowledge, and have autonomy in clinical settings.


Role Enactment

I think that the most important role of nurses in inter-professional collaboration is coordination. We can provide updated conditions of the patient to other professionals. Nurses continuously monitor the patient’s progress, which allows early detection of emotion problem and early intervention. For instance, in the scenario, the nurse canl try to explore Mrs. Chan’s self-image when she asked about breast reconstruction and collaborate with social workers if needed to help her go through the grief and loss of feminity.


Other disciplines have expectations on nurses. We should grasp the chance to explore Mrs Chan’s perception in her self-image and provide timely intervention since she raised the question to the nurse. From now on, I have a strong awareness to do more to serve the patient before referring them to other disciplines.


I used to forget to provide the psychological support to the patients. However, this is not what holistic care mean. I believe that the team mates’ opinion is the main reason that changed my mind.


Instead of referring the patient to the social workers or psychologists to deal with self-image or emotional issues, the team members said that nurses have lots to do and it is beyond our imagination.


Before the activity, I did not realize the importance of cooperation within the whole healthcare network. I thought that nurses are actually assistants of doctors and they are collaborating with doctors only. It was interesting to found that every healthcare provider is working together to provide quality patient-centered care. This activity helped me to figure out my role and the whole picture of the healthcare team.


In the past, I used to think that nurses only carry out doctors’ prescription, with no independent judgment. The nurse education only teaches patients relevant knowledge in a mechanical way. The scenario which talking about the query of breast construction during the fittest of prosthetic bra is most impressive and I had a lot of reflection. I was totally wrong to think that my job as a nurse is just to provide information to the patient.


The teacher from the social work pointed out that nurses have a significant contribution for managing the psychological issues of patients since nurses are easier to explore clients’ self-image and help her to verbalise her concerns in the ward setting.


Without nurses, the bridge between various parties would break down and the care plan may not be optimally formulated.