Examples of statements

Considerations for patients

Considerations for patients cared for by students

Permission is obtained for sharing of information between students

Cooperative patients are selected for student practicums

Instruction for students

Handling of sensitive information

Schools are consulted about information sharing between students and the way to write records in cases of patients with infectious disease

Some patients have complex family relationships, and students are cautioned about sharing information

Students are instructed to be careful in dealing with patients when the patients have not yet been told the name of their disease

Students sometimes talk about symptoms before patients receive explanation from doctor, and are instructed about that

Handling of patient information outside the hospital

Students are instructed to shred memos and practicum records when practicum is completed

Specific instruction is given, such as to only use a conference room or similar place to discuss matters related to the practicum

Detailed instruction is needed up to the time that students dispose of memos, etc.

Dealing with information sharing on networks

Students are instructed not to share photos that show inside of hospital on networks

Better familiarization with the use of SNS etc. is needed before working in society

Information sharing on SNS is reduced by conducting practicums so that students can sort out their emotions within the practicum hours and not think about the practicum after returning home

Information sharing on SNS is reduced by arranging so that students can express and sort out their emotions in a conference or other proper setting

Considerations by the hospital

Considerations related to the use of electronic medical records

Access for non-work purposes is prevented by explaining to students that electronic medical record access histories are kept

Students need to be made to realize that there is a time and place for the use of electronic medical records and other information

Creating the practicum environment

Arrange for a shredder and copy machine for students to use

Considerations by the university

Record sheets and method of writing records

Establish a format in which memos and record sheets are taken out as little as possible

Students are asked to buy a practicum bag to hold their set of records

Adopt a format of writing patient information directly on record sheets (without first taking notes)

Attitudes toward handling information

Instruction is needed so that students will feel that they are in a position of handling important patient information