Examples of statements

Problems of individual students

Descriptive content in recorded materials

Information that can be used to identify patients written in recorded materials

More detailed information than is necessary for nursing work is written

There are cases when memos or not anonymized

Handling of recorded materials

Recorded materials forgotten on public transportation

Memos, records, etc. accidentally left at bedside

Leaves seat without logging out of electronic medical records

Memos, records are not disposed of properly after the end of the practicum and sent to a third party

Medical record IDs are shared between students

Practicum records are forgotten in a copy machine

Handling of sensitive information

Student asks patient sensitive information not needed for nursing

Student explained situation to patient before the explanation from the doctor

Conference problems

Shared content in conferences

More detailed information more than is needed for nursing care (address etc.) is shared

Understanding of patient information is lost with patient anonymization in conference

Problems outside the practicum setting

Places where information is handled

Records are made in public places (restaurants, etc.)

Practicum is discussed in public on public transportation

Information sharing parties and methods

Matters related to practicum is shared on SNS

Things from which the situation in the hospital can be understood are shared on SNS

Students and patients have exchanges and share information on SNS

Photos that are taken inside the hospital are shared