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Categories/predetermined codes

“I find it difficult to maintain lasting social relationships. I have experienced a lot of conflict in social relationships. I have always been troubled by that. In my workplaces, it has been difficult because of conflicts. My boss was horrible... and also a contributor, so I went on sick leave” (W, 37 years old).

Struggling with recurrent conflicts in social relationships

Expressions of suffering

Suffering related to life

“I was very depressed, and then I drank alcohol. I have a lot of aches and pains in my neck and shoulders... If you are obliged to sit still too much, you become awfully stiff and get more pain and become even more irritated” (M, 32 years old).

Struggling with psychiatric and physical symptoms

Expressions of suffering

Suffering related to illness

“I have had a lot of problems with mental healthcare. A doctor said that I had bipolar disorder, and I got medication for it. I had to take it for several years. It did not help... The side effects from medication were severe... I became so angry. I hated the doctor” (W, 39 years old).

Feelings of anger and hate when treated for the wrong diagnosis

Expressions of suffering

Suffering related to care