A frequent problem in older female patients

High healthcare expenditure and costs

Medication management problems

Social inequities

Complex healthcare and consultation


High Mortality

Worse self-rated health [31] [32] .

Healthcare resources increased over five times in patients with multimorbidity [28] [33] .

A relationship between medications and time use [27] .

Patients were poor, less well educated with no private health plan [30] .

Consultations was larger in older women suffering from high blood pressure, spinal column diseases, high blood pressure, heart problems [29] [30] [33] .

Patients with heart disease, stroke, low iron, emphysema, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer [26] .

Increasing costs in women aged 75 years and older [29] .

High number of prescriptions [34] .

Low purchasing power of a community decreasing in consultations [29] .

More face-to-face and, telephone consultations, home visits, prescribing medications [34] .

Over five times more hospitalized [29] .