Patients: N = 542, Total neuro diagnostic tests: 1109

Temp 99.1 degree F or less: 542

Negative sleep questionnaire: 542

Negative Covid 19 PCR: 539

Positive Covid 19 PCR: 3

Accuracy of negative temp and questionnaire: 99.45%

Employees: N = 13

Age: 29 - 73

M: 5F = 8

Employee infected by patients: 0

1 physician: Had Covid 19 during the lockdown prior to opening of office on May 18—No recurrence—did all EMG/NCV tests

2 PA’s: One developed Covid 19-possibly exposed tomother during a weekend visit and not at work, recovered, mild illness

1 non sleep tech: Did all non-sleep and non-EMG/NCV tests, did not develop Covid 19

3 sleep techs: 2 developed Covid 19, one at a assistedliving home visit to see a loved oneand another from his daughter, very mild illnesses

2 medical Assistants: One collected all nasal/throat swabs-never developed Covid 19, the other one developed Covid 19 after exposure to a friend he gave ride on his private time and not at office

1 biller: No Covid 19 illness

2 receptionists: No Covid 19 illness

1 neuro-psychologist: No Covid 19 illness]