Offensive strategies (so)

competitive strategies (wo)

―Providing financing facilitates to development of residential complexes

―Guidance and control renovation projects in historical context on the basis of Their income

―Participate in human resources providing

―Urban design project definition and prioritization of intervention

―Help people living in these areas for the construction of the project By themselves

―Providing tax relief to old owners

―Approving the rules for participation and cooperation of banks with institutions and Private companies for modernization and change users

conservative strategy (ST)

defensive strategies (WT)

―development of outdoor green space and in the area

―Providing public parking on the sidelines and into the texture

―allocation of valuable historical passages for pedestrians crossing streets

―Preservation of monuments and valuable buildings) hoseinie, Ab-Anbar-No ancient house (in the texture of destruction at restoration the texture

―Providing services and infrastructural Installation to avoid from old Residents exit.

―Correcting and completing drainage system to collect and transport water

In order to increase the power of crossing channels water

―Encouraging people to formation of local organizations

―rehabilitation and renovation based on residents opinion

―utilizing religious groups), religious commission, mosque trustees and districts Trustees (for solidarity to reduce vulnerabilities and diminish Threats