Patient No.

Clinical Presentation

Radiological findings


APL variant revealed by:


Weight loss(1 month or more)



Respiratory distress

Incubated 7 transferred to ICU

Chest X-ray and US abdomen at admission:


CT scan at decompensation:

Mediastinal LN, pericardial,

pleural effusion, ascites,

Hepato-splenomegaly with hypodense lesions

peritoneal involvement.


APL variant revealed by:

fever with unknown origin,

persistence of fever during induction phase and after neutropenia recovery

Chest X-ray and US abdomen at admission: Normal

CT scan after neutropenia recovery:

left lower lobe basal fibrotic atelectasis band,

mediastinal and right hilar lymphadenopathy with central necrosis


APL hypergranular subtype revealed by: Fever of unknown origin for 3 months Abdominal pain


Weight loss

Chest X-ray and US abdomen at admission: normal

CT scan after 1 week of APL treatment: mediastinal lymph nodes and bilateral lung infiltrate suggestive of pulmonary edema

2nd CT scan after neutropenia recovery: Increase of mediastinal lymph nodes size and hepatic hypodense lesions

MRI abdomen: suggestive of liver abscess

3rd CT scan and MRI during maintenance therapy: mediastinal LN, minimal pleural effusion, hepatic abscess, peritoneal thickening and nodules, ascites, mesenteric and omental nodularity

PET CT scan: FDG avid uptake involving the whole abdomen with absence of uptake in mediastinal LN


AML/MDS on palliative treatment: fever

Productive cough

Weight loss

Night sweat for 2 weeks

・ Chest X-ray: lung consolidation in the right upper and mid lung zones

・ CT-Scan: Consolidation

・ PET CT-Scan: bilateral lung consolidations and peri-bronchial thickening, hilar and mesenteric LNs


AML with t(8,21) revealed by


Productive cough

Weight loss and anemia symptoms for 2 months

・ Chest X-ray at admission: Normal

・ CT-scan at admission; right and basal lung consolidation, multiple lung nodules, mediastinal and intraperitoneal lymph nodes some of them with central necrosis, hepato-splengomy with hypo-dense lesion

・ PET-CT scan: multiple mediastinal LNs, left lung consolidation, pulmonary nodules, retroperitoneal LN, multiple liver lesions, left parotid gland uptake and D8 vertebra uptake


AML with normal cytogenetic revealed by:


productive cough

weight loss

generalized LN for 2 months

・ Chest X-ray at admission: normal

・ CT-Scan at admission: ground glass appearance in both lungs, associated with pulmonary nodules, generalized LN some of them with central necrosis