For agricultural sectors

・ Cultivation of high-value crops

・ Cultivation of drought resistance seed and

・ Cultivation of salt resistance seeds

・ diversification of agricultural

・ Groundwater recharge

・ Reduction of losses in irrigation networks

・ Non-conventional water use

・ Improvement of irrigation efficiency virtual water

・ Maintaining water distribution infrastructure

・ Change in cropping patterns or system

・ Small-scale farming fostering ecological methods

・ Desert land reclamation

・ Sea-based and reservoir-based aquaculture

・ Desalinization

・ Effective water pricing

・ Rainfall harvesting

・ Reducing agricultural carbon footprint

For policy makers

・ Governments support to local knowledge and modern practices

・ Providing good sanitation and hygiene

・ Monitoring of diffuse (agricultural) and point (industrial and household) pollution

・ Building protective coastal infrastructures

・ Effective collaboration with private sector, NGOs etc.

・ Subsidising new technologies that conserve water

・ Increase attention on management of food reserves

・ Investing in agricultural facilities

・ Water pollution controls policies

・ Implementation of the integrated water resources management (IWRM) approach

・ Increase in resource efficiency

・ Creation of incentives to reduce climate change

・ Local wastewater purification and treatments

・ Strengthening of regional and cross-border and local cooperation

・ Protection of the ecosystems

・ Stakeholders and political support

・ Capacity building of stakeholders

・ Grey water and wastewater recycling