Evaluation of

in terms of



Moody et al. (2009) [39]

the Visual Syntax of UML 2.0


Cognitive Effectiveness

“AD is the best from a visual representation viewpoint.”

Figl et al. (2010) [40]

Process modeling languages (only routing Elements of EPC, UML (i.e. AD), YAWL, and BMPN)

creating and understanding models

Cognitive Effectiveness

“AD has the most scores.”

Barji et al. (2006) [41]

IEC 61499 function blocks, UML SC and Petri net based CNet

graphic expressiveness and intuitive comprehension

Design criteria for real-time control systems

“The availability of modularization and reuse in SC is partially. SC fulfills the composition/ hierarchy. The abstraction level of SC is low.”