1) First Chinese scientist Tu Youyou won Nobel Medical Prize with her invention of Malaria cure―Artemisinin;

2) China’s self-developed large plane C919 in manufacture, making Chinese “big plane dream” into reality.

3) Beidou Navigation Satellite carrier rocket “Long March 3/Expedition one” carrying 2 new-generation satellite.

4) China-world’s first quantum satellite key component developer and manufacturer status founded

5) The 2nd World Internet Conference gathered 2000 guests from 120 countries covering the latest IoT achievements including driver-less cars, virtual reality cameras and mobile operating systems etc.

6) China’s 4th generation nuclear power core technology leading the world: electromagnetic helium fan with advanced high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power technology.

7) China is building the world’s longest quantum communication artery from Beijing to Shanghai, being pioneer of future quantum communication network.

8) China Turbofan 15-the 4th Generation Thrust Engine applied in war-crafts.

9) May 8th, the state council issued “Made in China 2025” as a decade strategic plan to comprehensively promote quality of Chinese manufacturing industry under the new international and domestic environment.


1) May 25th, Global Innovation Index Report listed China as the only middle-income country to enter world top 25.

2) July 15, “Renaissance” HSR(High Speed Rail) created another world record in speed as China’s complete and independent intellectual property rights HSR product.

3) August 16, China launched the world’s first quantum scientific experimental satellite.

4) September 25, the world’s largest aperture spherical radio telescope with a diameter of 500 meters, or FAST, AKA the “heavenly eye”, was officially opened in Guizhou province.

5) October 19, Shenzhou-11 spacecraft successfully docked with Tiangong-2 and conducted a series of space experiments. Tiangong-2, China’s first truly space laboratory, will be key construction of Chinese space station.

6) November 3, China Wenchang space launch site, Long March 5massive, rocketed into the space as China’s largest capacity carrier rocket.

7) Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft and Tiangong-2 space lab successfully completed the first propellant in-orbit completion test, Making China the 3rd country in the world to independently master this key technology.


1) March 9, independent R & D of “Sea Wing”, the deep sea glider, finished in the Marianas trench deep dive observation mission and safe recycling with the maximum depth of world record-6329 meters.

2) April 26, the launching ceremony of the second aircraft carrier in China was held at Dalian shipyard-China’s first self developed aircraft carrier 001A.

3) May 3, World’s first quantum computer dwarfing classical computers was made in China.

4) On May 10, 2017, China’s successful test of “combustible ice” in the south China sea reflected core technology of exploration and demonstrated independent design and manufacture of “blue whale Ι” offshore drilling platform.

5) May 14, President Xi delivered keynote speech titled “working together to promote Belt And Road Initiative”attending One Belt And One Road International Cooperation Summit.

6) June 28, launching ceremony of the new Navy Destroyer (warship), held in Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group.

7) August 10, Chinese scientists completed a special experiment on quantum teleportation from ground to space in the first quantum scientific experimental satellite, Mozi.

8) China’s first X-ray space astronomical satellite (Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope, HXMT, Huiyan, was launched and carried three small satellites which completed 248 flights of the Long March Carrier Rockets.

9) First 25-Mev continuous wave standard test in superconducting proton accelerator laid solid foundation to undertake subsequent national major scientific infrastructure-accelerator driven evolution research unit (CiADS).

10) World Rice Father, Prof. Yuan Longping’s “sea rice” test was successful: the maximum yield per mu was 620.95 kilograms, which exceeded world expectations.

11) By November 13, 2017, China overtaking the US in the total number of 202 to 143 fastest supercomputers. In the fiftieth world TOP500 list.