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Cancer plus COVID-19

Emotional distress experience when faced with a possible infection or COVID-19 disease: recurrent thoughts and behaviors of self-inspection and compulsive cleaning.

Infection fear with health consequences Fear of worsening cancer disease Uncertainty regarding cancer treatments


Quarantine plus cancer

Negative emotional responses to confinement: frustration and loneliness, concern about economic and employment issues, and even grieving process for a deceased relative of COVID-19

Boredom and frustration over confinement Emotional distress associated overload of information Perception of high loneliness


Cancer usual worries

It refers to: the oncological disease and treatments, the sequelae during the survival period and the emotional needs of palliative care

Oncological pain Fear of death and disease recurrence Problems in managing the sequels of cancer without support


Care of family members

Emotional aspects due to the Coronavirus and the oncological disease of a loved one, plus communication and relationship of the caregiver.

Stress due to overloading of care tasks: patients, minors, telework Fear that the cancer patient will get COVID-19 Worsening of the previous grieving process