Ÿ Illness is my destiny.

Ÿ It can’t be helped that I had cancer.

Ÿ Destiny

Ÿ Having resignation

23) Acceptance of one’s life including illness

Ÿ It is good that I am a child of my mother.

Ÿ My wife came to sympathy after her work.

Ÿ Confirmation of family ties

Ÿ Thanks-gratitude for my family

24) Strong ties with my family

Ÿ I have lived my life freely.

Ÿ I am full of gratitude.

Ÿ Having lived freely

Ÿ Thanks-gratitude for home hospice

25) Satisfaction with my life

Ÿ I feel that my life is full.

Ÿ My life is good, integrating good and bad.

Ÿ Full life in which I did what I hoped

Ÿ Integrating good and bad thing in my life

26) Living life with high self-esteem

Ÿ I looked backed at my long-term care, life and regret.

Ÿ Looking back of taking care of my family member and regret

27) Regret in taking care of my family