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Ÿ I am thinking about how I can live usefully.

Ÿ I regard my feelings as important.

Ÿ Living usefully

Ÿ Evaluation of my feeling

19) Spending left time usefully

Ÿ I came to understand the feelings of others.

Ÿ I regard the feelings of my family as the most important.

Ÿ Understanding feeling of others

Ÿ Feeling of my family members

20) Feelings of my family members and of those around me

Ÿ I regard my family as the most important.

Ÿ I try to not give troubles to my family.

Ÿ Family as the most important

Ÿ Not giving troubles

21) Family members who take care of me

Ÿ I regard my generations relationships as important.

Ÿ I encountered a child who I have taken care of after my mother’s death.

Ÿ Parents who raised me

Ÿ Encounters with a child

22) Relationships to generations and encounters with people