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Ÿ I can always communicate with staff.

Ÿ I can meet with my family freely at home hospice.

Ÿ Being able to communicative with staff

Ÿ Meeting with family freely

11) Positive consciousness for home hospice

Ÿ I began to think about things slowly.

Ÿ I began to be able to wait.

Ÿ Having enough to think about things

Ÿ Being able to wait

12) Having enough time for self-insight

Ÿ I am relaxed since I am released from duty.

Ÿ I became kinder because of enough time.

Ÿ Leaving for work and having peace of mind

Ÿ Becoming kinder to others

13) Having peace of mind and becoming kind

Ÿ I became able to rely on my parents.

Ÿ I can live relying on others naturally.

Ÿ Being able to express my feeling

Ÿ Relying on others for what I can’t do by myself

14) Being able to rely on others

Ÿ I am very happy to encounter a reliable home hospice physician.

Ÿ I am very happy to meet cheerful physician.

Ÿ Encountering a reliable physician

Ÿ Encountering a cheerful physician

15) Gratitude for encountering reliable physicians

Ÿ I hope to live happily until I die.

Ÿ I hope to die while I sleep.

Ÿ Staying healthy until death.

Ÿ Dying while sleeping

16) Desire for a natural death

Ÿ I feel that death is near.

Ÿ I can’t walk because of tiredness.

Ÿ Increasing physical and mental suffering

Ÿ Increasing sense of tiredness

17) Consciousness of near death

Ÿ Tears fall down when I am awake.

Ÿ I am not contacting others because I will not be able to respond in the future.

Ÿ Difficulty of emotion control

Ÿ Departing from social life

18) Experiencing sense of loss