Ÿ I am worry about treatment costs.

Ÿ We lack income.

Ÿ Anxiety of longer home treatment

Ÿ Lack of income

7) Worries about economic problems

Ÿ There are troubles with meals, excretion, side effects, pain, edema, or feeling tiredness.

Ÿ My physical strength seems to decrease after operations.

Ÿ Changing body image due to as cites

Ÿ Low physical strength

8) Trouble caused by various physical symptoms

Ÿ I am suffering from burdening my family.

Ÿ I am suffering from burdening my co-workers in my company.

Ÿ Burden on family members or co-workers

9) Suffering from putting a burden on the people around me

Ÿ I am worried about my single sons’ future.

Ÿ I am sorry for my son for taking care of me.

Ÿ Single son’s future

Ÿ Feeling sorry for taking care for me

10) Worries about the future of people who remain