Ÿ I can spend time freely at home.

Ÿ A day is fulfilling and I am satisfied with it.

Ÿ Spending time freely

Ÿ Having fulfilling time and satisfaction

1) Being able to spend time freely

Ÿ Students came to see me at any time.

Ÿ I could get energy from greeting guests.

Ÿ Greeting guests being able to visit freely

Ÿ Getting energy from greeting guests

2) Open relation to outside world

Ÿ I can spend time together with my family.

Ÿ I could feel family’s warmth such that my family celebrated my sixtieth birthday.

Ÿ Enabling me to meet family freely

Ÿ Feeling family’s warmth

3) Having much time with my family

Ÿ I could get energy from staff visiting me.

Ÿ I can ask questions to home hospice staff anytime.

Ÿ Getting energy from home visiting

Ÿ Being able to ask questions anytime

4) Close relationships with care staff and strong confidence

Ÿ Since I have edema pain, I appreciate home care.

Ÿ Home visits are good, because I need not change my life style.

Ÿ Reduction of physical burden

Ÿ Minimum life style change

5) Reduction in the number of hospital visits

Ÿ Since I live alone, I do things myself.

Ÿ I need to talk with someone and walk.

Ÿ I do what I can do myself.

Ÿ Maintain self-care consciousness

6) Keeping an independent life in mind