Tumor-artery relationship: No radiographic evidence of arterial abutment (celiac, SMA, or hepatic artery)

Tumor-vein relationship: Tumor-induced narrowing, if present, is <50% of the circumference of the SMV, PV, or SMV-PV confluence

Borderline Resectable

Artery: Tumor abutment (<180˚ of the circumference) of SMA or celiac artery. Tumor abutment or short segment encasement (>180˚) of the hepatic artery

Vein: Tumor induced narrowing of >50% of SMV, PV, or SMV-PV or short segment occlusion of SMV, PV, SMV-PV with suitable PV (above) and SMV (below) to allow for safe vascular reconstruction

Extrapancreatic findings: CT scan findings suspicious, but not diagnostic of, metastatic disease (for example, small indeterminate liver lesions which are too small to characterize)

Locally Advanced

Artery: Tumor encasement (>180˚ of the circumference) of SMA or celiac artery

Vein: Occlusion of SMV, PV, or SMV-PV without suitable vessels above and below the tumor to allow for reconstruction (no distal or proximal target for vascular reconstruction)

Extrapancreatic findings: No evidence of peritoneal, hepatic, extra-abdominal metastases


Evidence of peritoneal or distant metastases