The Essential Issue

Measure Dimensions




Key Findings

Relationship between the input resources degree and incubating- efficiency

Incubating ability

H2: The ability of the incubator to determine the orientation and level of N.E. in the development stage will have a positive impact on the incubating-efficiency.

D3-i5 E.I.F.S.

External investment and financing support

D2-i3 P.C.S.I.E.

The per capita of service of incubator employee for N.E.

D2-i4 E.I.

Entrepreneurship instructors

D1-i1 I.S.

Incubation space


It will be helpful to improve the incubating-efficiency of the incubator to give accurate development orientation and evaluation before the N.E. enters the incubator and provide targeted entrepreneurship guidance service;

ž It focuses on the process of incubation, and the dynamic sustainability management ofthe whole supporting and service for N.E. is a way to improve the incubating-efficiency of the incubation process;

ž The construction of scientific and technological resources and HR should be strengthened to improve the incubating-efficiency of the incubator;

ž The stability of the incubator’s internal small environment (including new enterprise employees, finance, management policies, industrial direction, entrepreneurial culture, etc.) and the industrial category and number of N.E. have a positive impact on the incubating-efficiency;

ž The N.E. does not focus on the property rights of the incubator, but only on whether it can obtain sustainable and stable resources supporting from the incubator;

ž The business revenue of the N.E. cannot reflect the incubating-efficiency of the incubator. N.E. should focus more on innovation in their business models and the stability of their management teams than on purely financial target;

ž The professional construction of incubators (cultivation industry, concentration of resources, quality and quantity of entrepreneurship advisors, selection of industry field of N.E., evaluation of the


H3: The management intensity of the N.E. cultivation process will have a positive influence on the incubating-efficiency.


H4: Knowledge resources and service-oriented resources have positive effects on the improvement of incubating-efficiency.


Incubating environment

D1-i2 I.F.

Incubation funds

H5: The incubating-efficiency of the incubator is related to the source of funds and property rights.


The influence of property right and capital source of incubator on incubating- efficiency

Incubating synergy

D3-i5 E.I.F.S.

External investment and financing support

D4-o2 T.I.I.

Total income of incubator

H7: N.E. turnover can reflect the incubating-efficiency of incubators.