Overlapping Consensus

Admission Criteria, Dynamic Assessment: Concerned about the process of new enterprise growth, do a good job in assessing the entry and exit of new companies, and adjust the service approach.

Financial services: Actively help new enterprises obtain the necessary financial support, including PE or VC, industry-specific funds, government support funds; joint financial institutions, design targeted innovative financial products to ensure that new companies in the development process of funding needs.

Pay attention to HRM: The development of HR should be placed first in the incubator’s operation and management, mainly including the establishment of the incubator’s own professional team and the provision of HR support for the development of N.E.

Internal Incubating Environment Construction: The allocation and service content of incubation resources should be fair, transparent and standardized, create a reasonable and orderly competition within the incubator, and promote the flow of resources and cooperation among new enterprises within the incubator.

External incubating network construction: Strengthen the cooperation between incubators, incubators and other organizations, form a large incubation network, and break the barriers to circulation of new enterprises and incubation resources in different regions or between different incubators.